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NopCommerce Admin

In our opinion, NopCommerce is one of the best open source shopping cart solutions that has come up recently. Both the catalog frontend and the administration backend of the nopcommerce admin is fully functional and independent of each other. provides a range of comprehensive resourceful information, and support to the nopCommerce community and includes a powerful Nopcommerce admin panel. Several current websites are choosing to convert to nopcommerce solutions for their online commerce needs. Some of the important advantages of shifting to nopcommerce technology include:

  1. Nopcommerce has every feature that an online store requires.
  2. NopCommerce Team and other members are always here to support and to provide guidance.
  3. NopCommerce admin section is far more advanced than any other e-commerce solutions. It controls everything.
  4. NopCommerce is updating very fast with new versions depending on our needs.
  5. Its editable from codes to design to meet the end customers’ needs.
  6. Non technical people as well having no knowledge of codes can use it easily and can add more features too.
  7. Microsoft has recommended nopcommerce as the only installer in their E-Commerce section.

Nopcommerce admin or the nopcommerce administration area is the main functionality in any nopcommerce site and is developed to help NopCommerce customers in two roles such as:

  • Nop admin is being used by the nopcommerce store owners to assist them in easily managing their nopcommerce storefronts.
  • For the NopCommerce Solutions Providers, Nop admin excels at helping them rapidly build and deploy customer storefronts.

Nop admin is not exactly meant to replace the administration functionality of a NopCommerce storefront. In its place, it provides another, more efficient way to perform the day to day, routine or otherwise burdensome activity involving managing an online store. This functionality mainly puts powerful administration facility in the hands of the store owners and gives significant savings to its users in the long run.