.Net MVC shopping cart

.net MVC shopping cart – an introduction - MVC has been described as many as one of the best design patterns that is being used today. The basic methodology behind the MVC framework is that is that here each URL corresponds to an action instead of a specific webpage. The controller that is sitting on the server side responds to each request by breaking down the URL and deciding what to do to which object. For instance, for registration into a nopcommerce website, the URL will be demo.nopcommerce.com/register instead of demo.nopcommerce.com/register.aspx. This will give you information on asp.net shopping cart applications.

A good open-source .net MVC shopping cart is nopcommerce that comes with the razor view engine. This is considered as a new stepping stone for the nopcommerce project and is one of the best open source e commerce solutions available for free for the consumers. No doubt, MVC design pattern on .Net framework can be quite confusing for those used to working with .NET framework, however with a little learning MVC can be quite easy to learn.

We have outlined some screenshots below that can help you understand the difference in the MVC and non MVC code structure. Figure 1 shows the non MVC based website while the figure 2 shows the MVC based code where there is a clear difference between the user interface and the code or controllers.

.net mvc shopping cart

Figure 1

.net mvc shopping cart

Figure 2

An MVC based application contains:

Controllers: classes that handle incoming requests to the application retrieval model data, and then specify view templates that return a response to the client.

Models: classes that represent the data of application and that use the validation logic to enforce business rules for data.

So, if you are looking for a solid open source shopping cart, .Net MVC shopping cart software is the one for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on how to use Nopcommerce or then a .net mvc shopping cart.

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