mvc shopping cart shopping cart applications have gained popularity over the last few years. This shopping cart has really changed the realm of online shopping for the better. Shopping carts made using the ASP.NET platform can incorporate functionalities which make it easier for users to get their online shop up and running in a short span of time. We recommend Nopcommerce as one of the most stable carts developed within these parameters. There are several nop extensions available for this as well.

However, MVC or modular view design pattern were difficult to be implemented with this latest technology. This is the reason that Microsoft has come up with the new design pattern called MVC. In this article, we will discuss some basic functionalities of the mvc shopping cart based applications. mvc is a part of the framework. Developing an mvc application does not replace the web forms mode; rather it is an alternative to developing web form pages. MVC is quite an interesting software designing pattern that basically divides the software into the three parts such as:

  • Model - It represents the main logic of the software.
  • View - It represents the software user interface part.
  • Controller - This part receives inputs from the view and makes a response to the view by calling the model's objects. mvc has helped the developers to develop their web applications without using viewstate or postbacks, and then test the web applications as well. The main benefit that comes with using an mvc shopping cart is that the developer can make changes in the user interface of the software, and the changes will not affect the data or controller of the program. As the implementation of the software is distributed among the different programmers, so ultimately it saves on the time and effort in implementing a task. We have shown this clearly in the screenshots below: mvc shopping cart

Figure 1 mvc shopping cart

Figure 2

We really hope that we have been able to provide you some basic understanding on the subject of mvc shopping cart. Do contact us for Nopcommerce based needs.

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