MVC shopping cart example

Client – Providers of top-quality skating products

Topic – MVC shopping cart example


Our client is:

  • A high-end company in US
  • Provides highest quality and environmental friendly skates
  • Products are made with recycle materials and are 100% recyclable
  • Looking for a stable and reasonable MVC shopping cart example and then finalization of contract for their business portal
  • To increase their online presence


When the company approached us, though it had a strong presence in its local market it was looking to expand its business and customer base in and outside of the US. They were looking for effective and reliable shopping cart software that will help them to achieve this goal. Also, they wanted a program that can help the customers choose and design their skates while browsing. Their total products size and category were extremely large, so software had to support this requirement.


After looking at their requirements, our expert team suggested nopcommerce shopping cart software. Nopcommerce is a fully customizable e-commerce application that is easy to deploy and easy to use. Any person without a technical background can learn to use it quite easily. With a few simple steps you will have your software up and running. The best thing about nopcommerce software is that you can easily integrate it with your existing programs including all the major gateways such as EPS, which was this client' preferred gateway. We implemented this software with the latest MVC technology. Now client has a well maintained website that has a fully functional MVC shopping cart example site.


Our action resulted in the creation of a MVC shopping cart example site including:

  • Client can keep track of their products easily saving a lot of time and money
  • An effective business portal that is now up-to-date with the latest nopcommerce technology
  • Increase in the online sale volume for the client
  • Increase in the net profits for the year 2011-2012
  • More productive and efficient running business
  • Hassle-free checkout for the customers
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