Mass email with Nopcommerce

About the Client

Our client who wanted mass email with Nopcommerce going on his site is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of men's and women rowing shoes and have been in business since 1985. The company has been constantly researching, learning, upgrading and innovating to conform to the requisite and specific needs of rowers around the world. As of today, Ankaa has become one of oldest and most trustworthy manufacturers of the rowing shoes.

The Challenges faced by the Company

The client was looking to add the newsletter subscription functionality to its website. They were looking for a world class service and support that can provide the best email marketing software. The client had an existing database of the registered users that it wanted to add to the newsletter subscription. This functionality was to be added to its existing shopping cart application nopcommerce. So, if the client required sending any newsletter regarding any new product launch to its old or new customers list, they can do it through the mass mailing module. It was our suggestion that they went in for adding mass email with nopcommerce.

Our implementation

We choose a third party application Maxmail for managing mass email with Nopcommerce subscribers in unlimited lists. The users on the site can easily access the subscription form by clicking on the link on their website. This form is tied with Maxmail. We implemented the following on the client's website:

  1. First we populated all the existing users into Maxmail's database into CSV format.
  2. We have added the subscription form to the website for new users.
  3. We can add the filters like - Sex, Country, City, email id, First and Last name on the mailing lists.
  4. We have integrated the existing registration form with Maxmail so that future sign ups populate the Maxmail database immediately.

Figure 1 shows the newsletter that is accessible by all the users.

Mass email with Nopcommerce

Figure 1

The Outcome

The client was impressed by the speed and the quality of work by our nopcommerce experts. The mass email in nopcommerce module has helped the client immensely in reaching out to its subscribed list of users. Through this module, the client can generate many important reports such as country specific list of their subscribed users and reports on the bounced emailing lists and many more. In case you need assistance with setting up mass email with Nopcommerce into your site, please get in touch.

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