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Who We Are

Top-Nop are Nopcommerce trained and authorized solution partners. Our management group brings on board a global support approach towards Nopcommerce development. Our management team is spread across the globe and support one another in business development and programming.

Our Nopcommerce development skills are strong in all departments covering design, hosting, plugin and development and ebusiness consulting

  • Gagan Virmani

    Managing Director and Strategist

    Gagan Virmani is the founder of Top Nop. His responsibilities as Managing Director include management, business development and client relationship management. A true entrepreneur, Gagan has started and managed several businesses in the agri sector prior to changing over to information technology. His business development skills have been used cross continent and he has launched several agri products internationally in Europe, North America and Australasia before entering the information technology fray.

    Gagan is focused on the creation and implementation of effective processes and methodologies which is a key reason to Top Nop success and continued growth. He has a thorough understanding of key business functions, processes and practices of a large business operation.

    He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Delhi University and has done his BMS from University of Auckland. He is an audiophile and spends time collecting and listening to music as well as buying fancy audio equipment. He has also over the years spent time helping and working in the intellectual disability sector in India, United States and New Zealand.

  • Ashish Tripathi

    Technical Director

    Ashish brings to Top Nop 10 years of experience of working on several domains and implementation and managing complex IT projects. He is a visionary and an acute businessman. Before becoming a partner with Top Nop, Ashish served as a Technical Architect and manager with Agilyst.

    As a senior partner, Ashish is focused on strengthening strategic partnerships with clients, increasing client relevance and evolving the company's business into becoming the next generation global IT service provider. His specialization is artificial intelligence and when not working in office, Ashish loves to spend time with his little daughter and exploring adventure sports.

    Ashish holds a Masters degree in Computers from RGPV, Bhopal.

  • Brian Allender

    US Operations

    Brian is the United States representative for Top Nop and is responsible for all U.S. based client projects.

    Leveraging his project management expertise, Brian manages complex web projects remotely in conjunction with the Top Nop project management and technical teams worldwide. With thorough project planning, he's able to quickly assess a client's business goals and translate into business requirements and a strategic project plan. Brian's excels in understanding business objectives while motivating technical individuals to maxim levels of productivity creating cohesive global team environments.

    Brian holds a bachelor's degree in Computers Information System from Forts Hays University in Hays, Kansas. With more than 13 years of experience in the field of software development, he supports the U.S based branch of Top Nop. Prior to joining Top Nop his IT professional career includes senior roles with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in Miramar, FL as well as Koch Industries in Wichita, KS.

  • Anton Harrison Kern

    Australia Operations

    Anton Harrison-Kern is a business evolution architect with over 15 years experience in I.T. and business consulting. His forte is interpersonal communication and business workflow which is highly advantageous in almost any web based business project.

    Anton's focus is on web based business consulting, and custom software development. His skillset includes, but is not limited to Project scoping and management, IT infrastructure consulting (Including moving businesses into the cloud), Software development (Many of his projects now involve his clients being able to perform ALL their work from a web browser so that they can work from their iPad or Android Tablet), Business plan development, Exit Strategy planning and execution, Staff training and coaching, Personal and Business Coaching, Sales coaching, Product conception and development workshops, Systems and procedures development and documentation, Change Management, Other workshop facilitation, Data analysis (Big Data), Meeting facilitation, Staff motivation, Employee performance appraisal facilitation and training, Software outsourcing, Development of new revenue streams, Point of sale system implementation, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

    He has now successfully achieved this with many small to medium business' in Australia in the following industries:

    • Construction – Up to 200 staff
    • Fire Prevention services – Up to 20 staff
    • Landscaping – Up to 60 Staff
    • Sign Writing – Up to 40 Staff
    • Fundraising / Not for Profit – Up to 5 Staff
    • Home Loans and Finance Consulting / Procurement – Up to 10 Staff
    • Executive Coaching – Individuals and Partnership Structures
    • Registered Training Organisations – Up to 10 Staff
    • IT organisations – Up to 25 staff
    • Personal Support Communities

    He is driven by seeing his clients excel, and only embarks on projects where he see's value for all concerned.

    Personally, family is his primary passion. Including them in all forms of sport and travel including camping, mountain biking, martial arts, motorcycling, wakeboarding and running.

  • Jeremy Cummings

    Canada Operations

    Jeremy Cummings has an extensive background in business development and web design. Graduating from the University of Guelph in 2001 from the Computer Science department, he built and worked on a number of websites, for large and small organizations.

    He has worked extensively in sales in telecommunications, media and financial services. Jeremy always tries to listen to his clients and capture the spirit of their ideas as well contributing some of his own. He is an expert in web design and development as well as internet marketing techniques.

    In his spare time, he likes to go to music shows with his friends, and spend time with his family.

  • Alex Garden

    New Zealand Operations

    Alex Garden

    Alex has a masters degree from Massey University in the year 1997 and prior to that, he got a BSurv (Bachelor of Land Surveying) from the University of Otago in 1982. He has spent around 1 year in Canada studying Internet trends before returning to New Zealand.

    Alex has worked in several industry domains including construction, manufacturing , telecommunications and others. Apart from designing websites and helping companies with internet strategies, Alex loves writing and writes a monthly column for "Business to Business", as leading newspaper in New Zealand. Alex's column is called internet stuff and he has written over 80 articles to date for that publication.

  • Geetika Virmani

    Administrator – Human Resources and Accounts

    Geetika has been working at Top Nop since its inception. She holds a Master of Economics degree. She has a keen eye for detail and statistical calculations that has turned this into her dream job. With more than 5 years experience in accounting and HR behind her, she is proficient in clerical, recruitment and administrative matters.

    Prior to joining Top Nop Geetika worked as an administrator and HR with Farmers Trading Limited in New Zealand.

    When not in office, she likes to spend her time working! - at home.

  • Sarafraz Johl


    Johl is the Companys CTO. He is a multi technology person with several years of experience in a multitude of IT roles. Passionate about ethical hacking he drives the server division and also plays a support role to all the technical and Project Managers on the floor. He is the nerve centre and every one turns to him when stuck in technical matters. Johl is astute and un waivering in his commitment to perfection and quality.