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Top-Nop are Nopcommerce trained and authorized solution partners. Our management group brings on board a global support approach towards Nopcommerce development. Our management team is spread across the globe and support one another in business development and programming.

Our Nopcommerce development skills are strong in all departments covering design, hosting, plugin and development and ebusiness consulting

  • Kashish Jhamb

    Chief Executive Officer

    Kashish is a young Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of City Innovates Pvt. Ltd. He did his Masters from the University of Alberta Canada and secured the top rank in his batch in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Kashish has the niche expertise in the website design-development and works s its expert. Committed to providing smart breakthrough technology solutions to the enterprise customers and individuals, spearheads, a unified bunch of superior professionals, dedicated and committed with missionary zeal to win at all cost. 

    Enabling a work ethos, fully embedded in innovation and special skills, and powered by unwavering commitment, evolves and transforms the business to a new level. Endowed with an ability to accurately read the future and position the right product at the right time in the right market.

  • Gagan Virmani

    Managing Director and Strategist

    Gagan Virmani's responsibilities as Managing Director include management, business development and client relationship management. A true entrepreneur, Gagan has started and managed several businesses in the agri sector prior to changing over to information technology. His business development skills have been used cross continent and he has launched several agri products internationally in Europe, North America and Australasia before entering the information technology fray.

    Gagan is focused on the creation and implementation of effective processes and methodologies which is a key reason to Top Nop success and continued growth. He has a thorough understanding of key business functions, processes and practices of a large business operation.

    He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Delhi University and has done his BMS from University of Auckland. He is an audiophile and spends time collecting and listening to music as well as buying fancy audio equipment. He has also over the years spent time helping and working in the intellectual disability sector in India, United States and New Zealand.

  • Jitish Jhamb

    Chief Technology Officer

    A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with City Innovates Pvt Ltd, IT & Education Company of repute in India, Jitish leads the technical Division of the Company with aplomb success, bringing innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions for its clients and customers thus transforming their businesses, and in turn, building strong credentials, radically. His swift meteoric rise to the coveted position bears the testimony to his technical acumen and abilities.

    B Tech in IT and Gold Medallist from the prestigious VIT Vellore, Jitish is endowed with every possible quality, a technical leader must possess. He is passionate about his work and challenges some of the most complex and formidable technical needs and requirements placed by the national and international clients.

    Relying on his innate acumen for disruption and innovation, he moves within his team like a ferret, working with an outrageous level of skill competency, providing multi solutions to a single problem resolution. The technical team respects him to the core as an astute and competent leader.

    His glorious record of performance with Caterpillar has left an imprint of his professionalism. Aspiring to assume larger technical role, Jitish has moved to City Innovates to push the competency of the Company

  • J R Sharma

    Chief Information Officer

    JR Sharma has been through an exciting time both in the Indian Army and the Corporate. He joined the Indian Army as a young 2nd Lieutenant in the Indian-held Pakistan territory during 1971war. He subsequently, went on to serve the great Indian Army as Colonel and led brave-hearts from the front on Siachen battlefield and in Insurgency affected South Kashmir. He later joined corporate as Head HR Saipem Triune, an Oil and Gas MNC.

    JR Sharma, quickly rose up to a very Senior Leadership position to be the COO of Chimes Group-the sponsors of Punj Llyod. He was amongst the very few Indian business leaders who led the business to a significant profitability, even during the global down-turn in economy in the year 2007-08.

    He has worked as an Adjunct Professor with IBS Gurgaon, National Institute of Financial Management and ITM University in the field of Management.

    Mr. Sharma is currently the CIO and Director-Education in City Innovates Pvt Ltd since October 2014. He also heads the Digital Marketing business of the Company. In addition, he is an expert Consultant to institutes of higher education in NBA, NAAC and foreign accreditation. Just recently, he was invited to speak at the 3rd World Summit on “Relevant of Global Best Practices in Accreditation for India” attended by over 1200 delegates from across the world. He profusely thanks Indian Army for the superior grooming and the exposure to challenge the impossible.

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