Customize Customer Information in Nopcommerce

To customize customer information in Nopcommerce is very easy for a web administrator. More and more businesses are preferring nop commerce as the ideal shopping cart for their online store. The reason is simple. Nop copmmerce offers to the portal administrators a wealth of features and capabilities that are designed to launch a powerful e-commerce solution.

One thing that is pretty impressive about nopcommerce is that it is highly scalable, and its open source code allows for extensive customization. This e-commerce application gives your ecommerce site the scalability and flexibility to grow. We are providing to our readers insight on how to customize customer information in Nopcommerce below.

Nopcommerce – Default Customer Information

Nop commerce shopping cart by default allows the customers to make changes to their personal information. After registration on the site, the customers can easily login to the nopcommerce site and edit information such as first name, last name, date of birth and many more. Moreover, the customers can customize the existing fields to add or edit any field according to their personal requirement.

Customize Customer information in Nopcommerce

With a little bit of customization, our nopcommerce experts can add more property wherein the customer will be able to add or store certain information for them to see whenever they visit the nopcommerce site. The customers will be add/edit their profile picture in order to personal the nop- commerce shopping cart as per they require. Customers who have multiple profiles will be able to manage their profile easily and efficiently. The administrator can configure the hiding of (or at least the inability to purchase) products depending on Customer Roles.

There are two kind of customization possible in nop-commerce that include either customizing the nop-core structure and made it code specific or follow the plug-in approach for storing and manipulating the information of customer. Our nopcommerce specialists are able to perform/follow both kinds of approaches

Below is the example of how you can customize customer information in nopcommerce:

Step 1. Login to the nopcommerce site with the valid credentials.

Step 2. Click on the email address at top right corner. The customer profile information window comes as displayed in figure 1.

Step 3. Edit any field in Customer info and click on Save. The same way the customer can edit the Addresses, Orders, Downloadable Products, Back in stock subscription and Change Password property as required.

Customize Customer Information in Nopcommerce

Figure 1

Please feel free to email us on this page if you have any questions or suggestions on how to refine this process

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