Customizing Nopcommerce Themes

Developers Appreciate Nops Built-In Ability to Customize nopCommerce Themes

NopCommerce has offered a great deal of simplicity and power to the development of shopping cart for e–Commerce platforms. Even better, Nopcommerce offers easy customization of the interface, simply known as customizing nopcommerce themes.

How to customize nopcommerce themes

To understand customizing of nopcommerce themes, it is essential to understand the way themes are generally defined and what do they mean under the nopcommerce ecosystem. In general terms, a theme is a collection of property settings which allows defining the look of pages and various controls therein. Once such a theme is applied, the styles and appearances should appear consistently across all the pages in the web application wherever they are, be it an entire web application, or across all web applications on a server.

Such themes can comprise of several elements like skins, cascading style sheets (CSS), images, and other resources. These being the visual aspect that defines the look of the website, special directories are demarcated on the web server.

Nopcommerce themes are different from standard themes

Customizing nopcommerce themes is a different process altogether since nopcommerce themes vary in their techniques, though the end–result is for having a consistent layout and appearance across all pages or the entire website. But, similar to general themes, nopcommerce themes also contain several elements like Style Sheets for Page Appearance and supporting images. All themes for nopcommerce are located under nopCommerce root folder/Themes.

Customization of the themes essentially involves making subtle changes within the files that are contained therein. Customizing a basic theme in nopCommerce is nothing more than putting in one's own CSS to change the color, width, height, and other basic User Interface (UI) display elements.

How to Start Customizing a nopcommerce theme

The simplest and fastest way to start customizing nopcommerce themes is to open up the CSS and change the styles right away. An elegant, simple and beautiful theme called DefaultClean is already included and it is advised to start with the same till one is able to create or customize advanced themes. For example, by simply changing the styles.css in ~/Themes/DefaultClean/Content folder, one can quickly change the look. One can further add images in the Images sub–directory and update / customize one's style.css

One needs to download a copy of nopcommerce source code package from its CodePlex project. Thereafter extract the files to a desired folder and open NopCommerce.sln in Visual Studio In the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio, one can see the DefaultClean Theme that has to be edited. After the customizations, rebuild the whole solution. Once the rebuilding is complete, start the website (CTRL + F5) in Visual Studio and one can instantly see the customized nopcommerce theme.

Customizing nopcommerce Themes is a very essential aspect since almost all e–Commerce solutions have their very own designs and functionalities. Site owners might want to their very own colors, different content placements or a totally different and individualistic website structure. Under such circumstances, it is becomes important to learn the fine art of customizing nopcommerce Themes.

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