Google Analytics for Nopcommerce

Google analytics for nopcommerce is a quite a useful tool used by the website managers and administrators for effectively managing their websites. This tool help to measure sales and conversions, but also gives one fresh insights into how visitors arrive on your site, which pages are frequently visited and what keep them coming back. We hope to give you information about google analytics for nopcommerce and hope you will find this useful.

Useful Features of the Google Analytics Tool

The Google analytics tool helps to generate the detailed statistics about visitors on your website. There are many other analysis reports that it help to generate including:

  • Analysis tool
  • Social Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Content Analytics

How to Integrate Google analytics for nopcommerce stores

Note: In a nopcommerce site, the adding and managing of the google analytics code is done through the back end of the nopcommerce store as we have shown in the figure 2.

For managing a nopcommerce website, go to Admin section / Content Management / Widgets. You will get a google analytics widget as shown in figure 1 below.

Google analytics widget

Figure 1

We had recently added google analytics for nopcommerce on a website. The client was in the business of supplying the finest industrial equipment and delivering expert service based on a thorough understanding of the customer's needs. They were looking for a platform that will help them to view and customize the visitors on their website easily and efficiently. We configured google analytics code as per the client's specification. The client after adding the google analytics code on his site was able to monitor the visitors' traffic and make crucial decisions. The client was happy with the work done by our developers and in his words "We are lucky to have worked with such a high caliber company. They worked tirelessly to deliver exacted what we wanted."

Steps to Integrating Google analytics on a nopcommerce website

Step 1. Create a Google analytics account and follow the wizard as shown in figure below to add to your website.

Step 2. Copy the Google Analytics ID into the 'ID' box as shown in figure below.

Step 3. Copy the tracking code from Google Analytics into the 'Tracking Code' box as shown in figure below.

Step 4. Click the Save button below and Google Analytics will be integrated into your store

Google analytics integration

Figure 2

Please feel free to contact us for assistance with google analytics for Nopcommerce.

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