How to embed a youtube video in nopcommerce

How to embed a youtube video in Nopcommerce - In today's competitive market, youtube has become an important part of marketing strategy for businesses. More and more merchants prefer to make use of a youtube video in the place of any other marketing tool for promotion of their products and services. We are providing our readers a brief on how to embed a youtube video in nopcommerce online stores.

Importance of embedding a youtube video on a nopcommerce site

With more than 3 billion video views per day, you tube definitely has surpassed any of its competitors as a video marketing platform. To get an idea of how popular Youtube is, there are more videos watched on the youtube site in the US every day than there are searches on Google. This exposure is attracting many marketers to integrate youtube videos in their website portals. A few of the benefits of embedding a youtube video in nopcommerce site include:

  1. Youtube videos spread quickly to a large audience at no or minimum cost.
  2. Integration of you tube video in a nopcommerce website allows the store owners to easily edit, upload and delete videos in your YouTube account without having to leave your portal to do so.
  3. Store owners can easily link their nopcommerce user account with youtube users' account.
  4. You can use youtube marketing to connect to your end customers on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing.
  5. Youtube marketing can often be automated, so it is simple to implement.
  6. This type of customer interaction is at the core of what social media marketing is all about and is the cornerstone for building an effective strategy.

How to embed a youtube video in nopcommerce

Embedding a youtube video in a website is a fairly simple and easy process. You do not need to possess any technical knowledge for uploading a video to your site. One of our clients recently had asked us to embed a youtube video in nopcommerce website and after doing this we documented this to share with the nopcommerce community.

How to embed a youtube video - Steps

Note: Youtube provides an HTML code to insert in your webpage. One does not need to login to the youtube website for accessing this code.

Step 1. Open the website

Step 2.. Select the video that you wish to embed in your nopcommerce site.

Step 3.. Copy the HTML code as shown in the figure 1.

Youtube embed

Figure 1

Step 4. Now open your website dashboard or your nopcommerce CMS and go to the Topics page in content management.

Step 5. Click Edit on the nopcommerce page that you wish to embed a youtube video as shown in figure 2 below.

Nopcommerce edit page

Figure 2

Step 6. Lastly, paste the HTML code from the in the Edit HTML source button and Save.

Html edit button

Figure 3

Step 7. Go to the frontend and then refresh your website page. Hooray! Youtube video is now embedded in your site.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need assistance in using youtube on your Nopcommerce website.

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