How to integrate facebook in nopcommerce

How to integrate facebook in Nopcommerce, the .net MVC shopping cart: Integration of social media websites within other sites has become common nowa days. The great many advantages that businesses gain due to this integration can be the reason for this. This integration decreases friction between where the website users spend most of their time on the internet and the company's website. Here, we will give you important information on how to integrate facebook with nopcommerce.

Facebook and Nopcommerce – Social Integration

With more than 800 million users now, facebook definitely is way ahead of any of its competitors. This is why businesses everywhere are looking for seamless ways to bridge the gap between their Facebook page and their website. We too have successfully integrated facebook on nopcommerce stores for many of our clients globally. Since nopcommerce application is based on the very stable and scalable ASP.Net language, there are no problems in handling this type of integration. Benefits of Integrating nopcommerce and Facebook are listed below:

  • Improved user experiences
  • Increase in number of Facebook fans
  • Increased awareness of the company's social outreach

How to integrate facebook in nopcommerce

Facebook provides a selection on free plugins that can easily be integrated with the rest of your website business activity. How to integrate facebook in nopcommerce is something that in the majority of cases is done through facebook social plugins. These plugins then play a major role in increasing traffic to the sites particularly media websites. Use of facebook plugins allow you to share your activity back to Facebook where your friends can see what you have been reading or viewing on the internet. This enhances referral traffic to websites.

For instance, when a user clicks a 'Like' button on a site, it will be reflected on one's facebook profile and the news feed of your friends. There are number of ways to plug websites of any shape & kind into Facebook there by nurturing a community, encouraging conversations, improving user engagement and increasing page views. To check out which plugins are right for your website, you can analyze the list of facebook plugins and choose what goes with your business website. Here is the list of the most popular facebook plugins:

  1. Like Button
  2. Send Button
  4. Activity Feed
  5. Recommendations
  6. Like Box
  7. Login Button
  8. Registration
  9. Facepile
  10. Live stream

In case you need information on how to integrate facebook in Nopcommerce, please feel free to contact us.

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