Integrating and using mailchimp with Nopcommerce

Mailchimp can be easily integrated with Nopcommerce one of the most powerful OpenSource ecommerce solutions 

Using Mailchimps api, campaign stats and email movements can be connected with a db and this further enables managing of lists, management of workflows as well as testing on a split basis before going live. Mailchimp is the worlds safest email platform and highly recommended while integrating with any solution for that matter.

Please keep track of resources, authentication, http methods, action, json and ssl while working on the api.

For integrating and using mailchimp with nopcommerce you would need to know the nopcommerce framework as be a developer. It is not recommended that laymen do this work. Make sure that you follow the correct authentication and http methods

You will also need to study the mailchimp api in details if you wish to work on this.

Do follow the path, query string, request and response body parameters while integrating and using mailchimp with nopcommerce.

Incase you need any assistance with integrating and using mailchimp with nopcommerce, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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