MVC based E-commerce

MVC based e-commerce - MVC or model view controller architecture based shopping carts have become the standard in most e-commerce stores nowadays. Several reasons account for this pattern. The website owners and administrators are choosing to add MVC based e-commerce applications to their portal as this designing framework separates the process from display. This separation allows the model to be built and tested independent of the visual presentation. Hence, selecting MVC based e-commerce software is not only an ideal choice for the developing community but also opens up doors to other approaches of design including MVP/Presenter first, MVVM and more.

One of the key benefits of MVC based e-commerce is that it enables clean separation of concerns, test driven development, integration with javascript, and full control over the rendered HTML. Some of the other benefits of using the MVC architecture in building the client's websites include:

  1. There is a clear separation between presentation logic and business with using the MVC architecture. Any modification on the logic part of the architecture has no effect on other logics.
  2. MVC architecture is quite easy to maintain, so future enhancements becomes easier.
  3. Each object in MVC has distinct responsibilities.
  4. All objects and classes are independent of each other, so change in one class doesn't need alternation in other.
  5. There is an easier support for new type of client.
  6. One can maintain an environment that comprises different technologies across different locations.
  7. User interface can be unit test thus automating UI testing.
  8. There is a better reuse of views and model. You can have multiple views which can point to the same model and also vice versa.
  9. The MVC code is better organized.

Nopcommerce – The Best ASP.Net MVC Based E-commerce Solution

An open source MVC based technology that stands out from the rest in .NET space is nopcommerce. Nopcommerce has emerged of late as the best MVC based e-commerce application and the preferred among the developing community everywhere. Nopcommerce is a user-friendly and developer oriented e-commerce web application and since its released version 2.0 based entirely on MVC.

We are experts in the nopcommerce arena and have integrated this MVC based shopping cart for many clients globally. We have always received nothing but the positive feedback from all of them about this great shopping cart.

Incase you need any assistance with Nopcommerce, please contact us.

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