Nivo slider in Nopcommerce

Nivo slider Offers One of the Most Visually Compelling Options in nopCommerce.

nopCommerce has helped many eCommerce portals offer a realistic shopping experience. More so, the online shopping platform has been augmented by Nivo Slider in nopCommerce. NopCommerce may offer the tactile support system, but Nivo Slider offers the visual aspect that helps sell the merchandise more effectively.

What is Nivo Slider?

Technically, Nivo Slider is a jQuery Slider Plugin. However, apart from this basic description, it is a lot bigger and frankly speaking classier to use. Nivo Slider is considered as one of the most stunning and beautiful plugins ever designed for online shopping portals and most of the features are basically free. The developer has decided to offer the Nivo Slider, with 16 beautiful transition effects, without any upfront charge. It is perhaps the best way to quickly and effectively display a gallery of images of the merchandise that needs to be offloaded via the virtual channel. Though it can be applied for any content, Nivo Slider in nopCommerce appears to be a match made in heaven.

Incorporate Nivo Slider in nopCommerce

Using Nivo Slider is far the most simplest of techniques. One has to follow a few basic steps and it will start displaying the gallery as desired across the target website. If a developer wants to use Nivo Slider in nopCommerce then first include jQuery Nivo Slider CSS as well as themed CSS, in the webpage. Thereafter the HTML has to be coded. For Nivo Slider in nopCommerce, one has to include the jQuery library and jQuery Nivo Slider within the platform. Thereafter all the developer needs to do is call the plugin via the relevant code.

Why use Nivo Slider in nopCommerce?

There are multiple digital carousel plugins out there. Though nopCommerce is versatile and powerful enough to handle most of them with ease, there are several benefits of using Nivo Slider in nopCommerce. The most basic advantage is that Nivo Slider is essentially free to download and use. It's very low upfront usage costs can save a lot in designing online shopping portals.

The second is the simplicity. Having been coded using pure JS, HTML and CSS, Nivo Slider has a very high degree of adaptability and that makes it very easy to implement in a variety of environments. Couple that with, the versatility of nopCommerce and the conceptualization, design and deployment become super easy.

The Nivo Slider even offers the possibility of having multiple image sliders depending on the requirement. Simple and short codes are all that is required to customize the Nivo Slider. Furthermore, using Nivo Slider in nopCommerce, developers need not worry about image editing or other visually intensive creative jobs. Nivo Slider automatically crops and resizes images. Nivo Slider ensures all images possess the same dimensions and come out looking uniform. Developers or content managers need to simply ensure that high quality or high resolution images are preferably chosen. Nivo Slider is powerful enough to feature an 'image pull' feature in case developers don't want to upload images manually, but would like pull them from a preferred image service. This makes use of Nivo Slider in nopCommerce a very simple decision to make.

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