Nopcommerce 1.9

Nopcommerce 1.9 comes with improved architectural changes that include a lot of improvement in the online customers' module. This version of the nopcommerce application has improved existing themes and also allows store owners to manage category access by customer role. Still, developers working with the nopcommerce 1.9 find several challenges in their work. Some of the challenges of working with nopcommerce 1.9 are cited below:

  1. When any new customer does a registration in nop commerce 1.9 site, first the mail function is called before saving data in the customer database. Thus, there is quite a bit of difficulty in getting back the user name of new customer.
  2. In nop commerce 1.9, there is no method for decryption of password; hence we can't access the password and find difficulty in managing the template.
  3. The shipping charges on product quantity can be a major task in nop commerece 1.9, as there is no feature for it in nopcommerce 1.9. One has to create a plugin to manage this issue.
  4. Another one of challenges of working with nopcommerce 1.9 are the SEO friendly URLs. It becomes a limitation in the context of upgrading as it'll affect all existing sites powered by nopCommerce. A nopcommerce programmer has to find a workaround for this issue.
  5. A store owner with nop commerce 1.9 site wastes a lot of time while upgrading, as moving to MVC is a really great and time-consuming task
  6. Store owners powered by nopcommerce 1.9 lose an opportunity to use existing rich ASP.NET WebForms controls.
  7. The current registration process on the live/remote site does not work since no error message is displayed or logged. The page simply does a post back and comes back to the registration page with the fields filled in.
  8. Nopcommerce 1.9 sites create more stress on the SQL Server. There is a lot of timeouts occurring randomly when viewing website creating on 1.9.

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