NopCommerce Layout

Online Shopping portals are increasingly trying to explore leaner and more efficient platforms to manage the various aspects. The most critical of the aspects is the Shopping Cart which is at the heart of Online Shoppig and this is where nopCommerce shines. In this article we will try to understand nopCommerce layout.

The Interface: eCommerce companies need to take care of interface very carefully. The navigation has to be paid particular attention since this decides how the virtual shopper across the multiple sectors or verticals, The nopCommerce layout has to be arranged in such a way that customers find it easy and enjoyable to shop on the site.

The Layout: Many problems can arise if the nopCommerce layout isn’t setup correctly. Customers may abandon shopping or may not understand how to proceed ahead. Many a times this leads to a huge loss in failed transactions. nopCommerce is certainly a powerful Shopping Cart, but the nopCommerce layout has to be understood in the correct way.

The nopCommerce layout is pretty straight forward and should not be difficult for anyone that is familiar with CSS or web–page development. Additionally, continuously development to the platform has ensure the columns are neatly arranged and usually do not need much changing as they have been developed after taking into consideration many eCommerce sites and how they function.

Support for Columns: The current edition of nopCommerce actually supports 3 columns on the homepage with ease. Essentially it is segregated in to the left and right side with the left being Menus and the right being Categories and associated content page. Moreover, in the Style Sheets there are the following provisions:

MasterWrapper : Essentially this is the is the section that holds all the content.

Div–Master-Wrapper-Side: This one holds the Menus Category on the left hand side and any other associated content about the menus.

Div-MasterWrapper-cph: This is another DIV that essentially works as the content holder.

After these three, the nopCommerce layout has 2 columns like Div-Master-Wrapper-Side and Div-Master-Wrapper-cph and one more Div-Master-Wrapper-RSide which is a new addition. Everything is housed within the Master Page and is coded in the HTML standard. The Master Page usually has the extension as .master. For example, many developers start with Custom.master, but sometimes it is also named as ThreeColumn.master owing to the fact that the nopCommerce layout has three core columns that houses all the Menus, Information and Content.

NopCommerce layout may be straight forward, but there are common coding errors that need to be eliminated, like ensuring the naming conventions are maintained throughout the default.aspx, .CS files and .Master files. The earlier version of nopCommerce layout had just 2 columns, but the latest version supports 3 columns and it is important to always have the updated version. This will ensure that Parser Errors, Source Errors and other such redundancy errors do not crop up in the first place.

We have been developing eCommerce platforms using nopCommerce as the virtual shopping cart and are quite experienced at offering a smooth working platform with a deep understanding of the nopCommerce layout. Do get in touch to develop your websites that have eCommerce element.

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