Nopcommerce Manufacturer's Logo Plugin

Supported Version: Nopcommerce 2.4 or above

Manufacturer's’ logos are important for any business type, whether it is a small or large business. A manufacturer's logo is your business first impression that not only gives your business more credibility but is also an effective brand awareness tool. Many of your major strategic and marketing decisions are designed around your logo. A smart or creative manufacturer's logo design differentiates you from your competitors.

Nopcommerce e commerce application doesn’t support the manufacturer's logos feature in its default status. This is why we decided to make a nopcommerce manufacturer's logo plugin that facilitates the website owners to display the manufacturer's logos in all or any their websites pages. Our plugin is supported in nopcommerce 2.4 and the above versions.

Why customers are turning to our ‘Nopcommerce Manufacturer's Logo Plugin’?

Our Nopcommerce manufacturer's logo plugin is easy to use and manage by any non-technical person. In this plugin, there are 2 panels added – Right panel and Left panel. This option allows the nop administrator to edit the logo quite easily and effortlessly. The figure 1 below showcases how our manufacturer logo plugin is managed from nop dashboard.

Nopcommerce manufacture plugin

Figure 1

To get an idea on how when configured in a specific website, the manufacturer logo plugin is seen from the front-end, check out the figure below. We have shown here the screenshot of a site where our Nopcommerce manufacturer's logo plugin is currently installed and running.

Nopcommerce manufacture plugin

Figure 2

Some prominent features of the Nopcommerce Manufacturer's logo plugin include:

  • Enables admin to manage logos in the website.
  • Option to link the logo to your homepage
  • Customize which banner will come to the right or left panel
  • Customize the banner information through administration tab
  • Design the manufacturer logo to fit the site design

Contact us to ask for a demo of the plugin.

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