Nopcommerce Template

Project: Data Planning


Nop Commerce 2.80, MVC4, Sql-Server database


Data Plan is a Nopcommerce template website that offers businesses the ability to assign a 'Personally', 'Date Type', 'Weather Suitability' and other features to their business listing. Understanding these date specific elements can massively improve the way a business markets itself and also improve ones understanding of his customers.

We cover below functionality in this application:

1. Home page

In the home page video popup will open up alongwith the video when the application opens for the first time in the system.

Data Plan

2. Step 1-Claim page

In this Nopcommerce template page a user enters the business information and selects the date provider information (as discussed with client date provider related information will come from API which we will implement later)

Data Plan

3. Step 2-Confirm

In this Nopcommerce template form a user will enter the contact information and a user will register on the site with this contact information and automatically login.

Data Plan

4. Step 3-Choose

In this Nopcommerce template screen a user will choose the package for purchase. He can select from the below plans:

  1. Free
  2. Basic
  3. Premium
  4. Custom

Data Plan

5) Step 4-Checkout

In this screen a user selects the payment method. Here screen payment method will be shown in radio button options of the Nopcommerce template.

Data Plan

6) Step 5-Review

Within this screen a user can view the all the information which had been entered during the previous steps in the Nopcommerce template. In this screen user will enter the credit card information and also he can edit information. A User can also update the business information.

Please contact us for any work that you need done on Nopcommerce template based applications.

Data Plan

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