OpenSource ecommerce solutions

An open source e commerce solution is considered an effective software tool for traders who are looking to sell their goods or services in the global market. Nowadays, an e commerce solution has become an integral part of any business be it retail, manufacturing or any other services. An ideal e commerce solution will serve as a platform for you to reach your intended customers at the fastest possible rate. With so much competition in the e commerce market, you must choose an application that is just right for you. Incase you are looking for a shopping cart in .net solution, we professionalize in this area.

What is open source ecommerce solution?

Simply put, any application that is freely available for download is called an open source application. These are mostly available with an installable link over the web, and can be easily configured without any cost to the merchant. The most popular open source e commerce solutions that can is freely available include Magento, Nopcommerce, Zen Cart, Oscommerce, Presta Shop and Digital Store. Some paid e commerce platforms are also quite popular such as X-Cart, LiteCommerce and Avactis. Nopcommerce is probably the best in the environment.

While choosing an open source ecommerce solution, there are several factors that you must consider. Few of these factors are listed below:

  1. Multiple payment gateway – Gateway is an important part of any e commerce website. Internet has some easy gateway options such as PayPal,, iPayment, 2Checkout, and credit card processing. Any of these gateways has to be integrated with your chosen open source e commerce solution.
  2. Multilingual and multi-currency support – Just like majority of website owners, if you are also targeting the global community, then this is an important point to consider.
  3. Product catalogue management – An effective e commerce solution allows for maximum product catalogue management. You should be able to be manipulated by adding new items, removing, and/or editing the existing items. Moreover, your product catalogue could have an unlimited number of items and varieties.
  4. Order and shipping management – The buyer should be offered delivery options and the order processing pipeline should be precise and work effectively.
  5. An active developed community – This also is an important factor in choosing a reliable and stable e commerce solution.

So… the final word is …With the rapid growth in the online business, open source e commerce solutions are here to stay. If you are the looking to find a reliable and stable open source e commerce solution, nopcommerce is the answer for you.

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