Public Store Theme In NopCommerce

The nopCommerce platform has been offering an efficient and easy to deploy solution to effectively managing the Shopping Cart of any Online Shopping platform. It even comes with its own set of themes. But, since the developers of the portal will need to customize the same to their liking, it is important to understand how to manage public store theme in nopCommerce.

A lot of online Shopping Portals have been laying their trust in nopCommerce as the preferred platform to handle Shopping Cart requirements owing to the versatility and dependability of this software. Additionally, nopCommerce has proven to be one of the most potent ones to offer a very wide variety tools that are needed while establishing a credible Online Shopping portal. Nop comes with an inbuilt feature of theme management. We will explore and provide information on how to manage public store theme in Nopcommerce below.

Creating or modifying a theme in the nopCommerce

It is no different than trying to create or edit a theme in any web application. The ground rules and basic elements stay the same. One can even create a new theme in very short amount of time and this is the first aspect that is always needed by website developers since the CSS and other elements of the site are already created and one needs to merely assimilate the nopCommerce platform within the whole portal.

Managing Images

Many developers face a few minor issues like how to put up a background image that gets resized on the fly for the screen resolution as is appearing on the end–user. In the public store theme in nopCommerce, this is not needed as the feature is inbuilt. Additionally, developers can merely choose to use CSS to repeat a smaller image. But the best way is to use a JavaScript that detects the browser and then resizes the image.

However, there is an interesting practice that will address this issue of how to manage public store theme in nop:

Get the image and then insert in a table that is set to take up the whole page by changing the setting of the same within the Main.Master. Then it’s a mere matter of putting any image of the developer’s choice in the background and then sending the same to the back with z-index in style.css.

While setting of images in the public store theme in nopCommerce, it is important to note that the images have to be stored in both the /images and the /app_themes/publicstore/images folder

One more tip that the makers advise is using an ‘absolute reference’ instead of a ‘relative reference’ to ensure the image appears uniform and resizes according to the resolution of the end–users’ displays

While the public store theme in nopCommerce easily gets assimilated within the eCommerce platform, the images are the most critical aspect as they define the visual aspect of the portal. Websites always strive to create an even appearance as it helps to maintain familiarity while the customers surf the website and hence when the time for payment arrives, the public store theme in nopCommerce may look unfamiliar. Hence some precautions make the appearance seamless when you are learning how to manage public store theme in nop.

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