Radius based latitude longitude search in nopcommerce

About the project (HouseStay): HouseStay connects people from around the world, while simultaneously ensuring that every experience is richer, unique and affordable.  HouseStay aims to redefine hospitality by empowering the hosts to offer more than just space and for guests to indulge in an unparalleled experience whether visiting a new city or a foreign country. House stay employs radius based latitude longitude search in nopcommerce  functionality. This site uses Nopcommerce widgets based functionality.                          


Technical View:

  1. Front End - Login and Sign Up/ Registration:  User has basically two options to login using this interface :
    • Firstly, User can register by creating an account in the website by signing up. For this user has to provide some basic information about him like name, email and password. After registration user can login using his email address and password provided at the time of registration.
    • Secondly, user can sign up to HouseStay using his facebook account. On clicking Sign Up user is redirected to facebook where user can login using his facebook credentials. After successful logging in facebook user is redirected back to the website. If a user is already logged in facebook then page will be refreshed and will display name of the logged in user.
  2. List your Space: List you space page is used to create a new listing. This page is accessible to both Logged in and Anonymous user. This module is divided into two parts. User creates a new listing by providing initial information in list your space and then proceeding ahead to manage listing and adding more information to complete list specifications.  The site has a unique radius based latitude longitude search in nopcommerce  functionality built in.

    To start listing a new space we need to select 4 options i.e.

    • Home Type – User can select a home type from variety of options available,
    • Room Type – User can select room type as per his requirement,
    • Accommodates – user can select from a dropdown as this listing is for how many peoples,
    • City – Location of this new listing.

    After providing above information user can click on Let’s Go button that will save the information for the     user.

    In case user is not logged in then login popup will appear. User will authenticate and then his listing will be saved. User will be redirected to next page where additional information regarding the listing is to be added. User can enter description and photos for this listing using the radius based latitude longitude search in Nopcommerce.                                       

    In case user is not logged in then login popup will appear. User will authenticate and then his listing will be saved. User will be redirected to next page where additional information regarding the listing is to be added. User can enter description and photos for this listing.

  3. Manage Listing: Using this Module user can enhance and make his listings more attractive and             informative so that users can view them. At the time of save the host property address we are using the Google Map API radius based latitude longitude search in Nopcommerce.                                          

    This Module is divided into following sections

    1. Calendar & prices,
    2. Description,
    3. Photos,
    4. Details,
    5. Advanced, and
    6. Delete Listing.
  4. Verification: This module is basically used for user to provide more and more information about him so that website can get rid of fake registrations. Logged in user can navigate to his account where he will be see a link named “Trust and Verification” This module has several options to verify a user. Options are:
    • Email Verification: User clicks on verify button for email verification then an email is send to user with a unique link. User has to click that link in order to verify his email address
    • Phone Verification: When user clicks on phone verification then and email is send with four digit numeric code. This code is to be entered in the textbox asking for phone verification. If user enters valid code then phone verification is marked as completed.
      Note: We are sending emails for now with secret code as this is to be handled by a third party API to send sms’s. Example of such API is www.clickatell.com.
    • Facebook Verification: User has to click on connect button that will open up a popup where user will add his facebook credentials. On clicking login button facebook popup window will close and page will refresh thus showing user profile as connected. Now Disconnect button will appear next to facebook.
    • Google verification: Google verification is somewhat same as of facebook verification. In this case on clicking connect button popup will open display google’s login. After adding google credentials and clicking login button will close the window and will display user as connected.
  5. Search Functionality: User can search for properties using homepage search providing information related to Address, Check In and Check Out date and No. of Guests. We are showing the properties based on the latitude and longitude provide by address in the search text field (We are getting the Latitude and longitude through Google Map API). User can also change view mode of search results. Currently search results could be viewed in List and Photo view using the radius based latitude longitude search in Nopcommerce. 
  6. View of Properties: Each listing URL’s are unique which are helpful for SEO purposes.

    On details page property images will be displayed along with description that was added using manage listing pages. On detail page reviews added for the listing are also displayed in tab. on top. Data related to amenities and other information like home type, room type, no. of beds etc. which was provided using manage listing forms are displayed on the list page.
    On right section of the page user information is displayed along with other listings added by the user. Another section is similar listing that shows listing similar to the one currently in view by the user. User can also add listing to his wish list.

  7. Number of rating: This is displayed on the listing page. Reviews will be displayed in a tab and it will contain that has been added by user while adding a review and star rating that has been provided while adding a review.

    Ratings counts are displayed at the top of the listing. Clicking on the total review count will scroll user at position where reviews are displayed associated with the listing being viewed.

  8. Inbox: This module is functional only for logged in users. Functionality of this page is basically divided into 2 parts.
    • Messages are drafted for a user using contact me button that is available on the listing page. If a user wants to enquire about the space and wants to post a message to a host that he can click on contact me button on listing page.
    • For host there is inbox page that displays all the messages and enquiries that were drafted to him.

    Note - in inbox messages are displayed in form of conversations

  9. Your Listing: After login user can click on his name from menu which will open up the dropdown menu that will display information related to his profile. Clicking on Your Listing page will open a page that will display all the listings that are created by the logged in user.

     A listing basically displays Title of the listing with few options regarding the listings. Options are as follows:

    • -     Manage Listing: Clicking on this button will navigate user to page where user can edit the details related to this listing.
    • -     View Listing: Clicking on this link will navigate user to the listing page that will be displayed while user navigates from search results.
    • -    View Calendar: Like above, this link will also navigate user to the listing page where all the information of the house will be displayed to the user. In addition to this it will directly open up the calendar of that particular listing.
  10. Profile: User has to click on Edit Profile or Account link in order to open up the profile page. User can edit his basic information using the profile page. Further there are more options available which can viewed in the image below like:
    • -     ustomer Info
    • -    Addresses
    • -    Bookings (Will be able to view data in Delivery #7)
    • -    Change Password
    • -    Customer Image
    • -    Trust and Verification
    • -    Reviews
  11. Review:  This page basically displays reviews under two categories.
    • Reviews about you: This section basically displays reviews that are submitted for the properties of logged in user.
    • Reviews by you : This section displays reviews that are submitted by logged in user for other properties

    Please get in touch with us for radius based latitude longitude search in nopcommerce based functionality requirements.

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