Upgrading Nopcommerce

We have tried to list out our experiences in upgrading nopcommerce for the benefit of the nop community at large. Incase you are not aware about it, Nopcommerce is a powerful open source shopping cart solution based on Microsofts dot net framework. Since it is open-source, the Nopcommerce source code is available free for download. This highly stable application can be just what one needs to get started in settling a business online. We will discuss below the important features that have been incorporated in the latest nopcommerce 2.6 version, as well as the steps that are involved in upgrading nopcommerce.

Nopcommerce's 2.6 version was released recently on July 1st 2012. A few highlights and features of this latest version include:

  • Performance optimization – Nopcommerce 2.6 runs extremely fast as compared to its previous version 2.5 This is extremely good news for the business store owners whose central focus is on reducing loading times and generating profits.
  • This new version is supported by FedEx shipment tracking.
  • There is a new configurable feature of shipping by weight, which is usable by most nopcommerce stores.
  • Full text search support.
  • AJAX is used for adding products to the cart.
  • Google Product Search plug-in

These are many other features in nopcommerce 2.6, but the above listed are the major changes in the software product.

So, the next question is how to upgrade to Nopcommerce 2.6...

Steps in upgrading to Nopcommerce 2.6

An important thing to remember with upgrading nopcommerce is that this technology doesn't support automatic upgrades; you have to do it manually. Before you upgrade to the 2.6 version, you will need the following installed on your server/computer:

  1. Supported operating systems:
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows 7
  2. Supported web servers:
    • Internet Information Service (IIS) 6.0 or above
  3. Supported databases:
    • MS SQL Server 2005 or above
    • MS SQL Server Compact 4.0 or above
  4. Supported browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and above
    • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above
    • Google Chrome 1.x
    • Apple Safari 2.x
  5. MS Visual Studio 2010 or above with MVC 3.0 installed.
  6. Adobe Flash, in case the website requires picture and file uploading

Steps in upgrading Nopcommerce 2.6

Note: Upgrading Nopcommerce is always stepwise. For instance, if your current version is 2.00 and the latest available version is 2.30, then you have to upgrade to 2.10, then to 2.20, and then to 2.30.

  • Step1. First you backup your existing database – This is an extremely important step, so you have something to go back to in case there are errors in migration.
  • Step 2. Now execute upgrade.sql script over your database.
  • Step3. Remove all files from the previous version except App_Data\Settings.txt and App_Data\InstalledPlugins.txt.

Upgrading Nopcommerce


Upgrading Nopcommerce

  • Step 4. Upload the new site files
  • Step 5. Copy back App_Data\Settings.txt and App_Data\InstalledPlugins.txt files.
  • Step 6. Ensure that everything is OK

Note: As you deploy, make sure that the target Settings.txt and InstalledPlugins.txt files aren't overwritten, so that the production site continues to point to the production database. (\Content\Images\) and copy back after upgrade.

For assistance in upgrading Nopcommerce, please feel free to contact us

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