Virtual Paging and Scrolling in nopcommerce

Adding Virtual paging and scrolling in Nopcommerce applications has become essential in all dynamic content driven nop websites. Whether you need virtual paging and scrolling in Nopcommerce .net mvc shopping cart in your website will be decided by your web design team in the early steps of the designing process. This decision depends upon several factors, primary among them is the type of task that are to be performed. As an example, previous users have a tendency to scroll slowly if compared to younger users; and so going through longer pages may slow them down considerably. There are many reading tasks where the users benefit from virtual paging and scrolling, while this application may not be that useful for performing other tasks.

What is Virtual Paging and Scrolling in a NopCommerce site?

Virtual paging and scrolling in nopcommerce allows the nopcommerce users to navigate through pages using the virtual scroll bar. For example, with an unlimited scrolling, all the products in a nopcommerce website will be scrolled in the single page, thus it will preserve performance and structure quality of the page. This is an user friendly application; the website users simply need to drag the vertical scroll and release it to navigate to the desired page. This is not the default plugin in nopcommerce site and one has to customize it as per the client's request.

The screenshots given below shows how virtual paging and scrolling works.

The figure 1 shows the product list in a nopcommerce site that lists about 20 products in a page, while figure 2 shows the list of 22 products with virtual scrolling.

Note:The virtual paging and scrolling application is most helpful for sites that need to display a bulk of products.


Figure 1


Figure 2

How does virtual paging and scrolling works?

The virtual paging and scrolling in nopcommerce application runs an event every time the user scrolls and checks to see whether he has reached the bottom of the page. This is actually a cool jQuery Plugin which allows for Facebook/Twitter to load like AJAX when a user scrolls to the bottom of the page. Using this plugin enriches the user experience when browsing data in AJAX mode.

We have made virtual paging and scrolling in nopcommerece plugin with nop 2.6 e-commerce application. It is developed using latest MVC 3 technology. This plugin is already been used in several of the client's websites.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with virtual paging and scrolling with Nopcommerce.

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