Why Nopcommerce

When we chose to start working on an asp.net based CMS, we had a list of several cart solutions to look at. After a good deal of research and thought, we settled on Nopcommerce. There are several reasons why we decided on Nopcommerce and here are the ones that appealed to us and we are happy now that we ventured into this space and have developed into a high quality Nopcommerce production house.

Here are some of the things that we looked into

1. Nopcommerce is extremely flexible and easy to control from a development perspective. This is because it has been built on an MVC architecture which makes it easily upgradeable and scaled up if and when necessary.

2. This is one of the only asp.net based shopping carts where the complete source code is available as a FREE download. This is a HUGE plus when it comes to nopcommerces selection.

3. Its build is very stable and any merchant can be plugged in due to complete control of source files.

4. By far the biggest factor that swung us in favour of Nopcommerce was that it can be customized without any problems and restrictions.

5. The Nopcommerce shopping cart has been evolving at a steady pace and is becoming better and better with each new version.

6. Unlike other shopping carts where there is a huge dependability on the development community and the owners helpdesk this is bye passed due to complete source control.

7. Nopcommerce allows for developers to express their creativity in terms of code customization unlike competitors.

8. It is by default mobile compatible.

9. Supports upload of unlimited products.

10. Is effective from small to enterprise level applications.

11. Is based on MVC3 architecture which is the most powerful and latest in terms of practices.

In case you would like to get Nopcommerce development done by us or then discuss your shopping cart, please contact us on business@top-nop.com.

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