Zásilkovna Shipping Plugin for Nopcommerce

Top-Nop has been successful in creating the Zásilkovna Plugin using NOP commerce 3.7 as an integration for this MVC based E-commerce application. This has been developed as a standalone plugin an we hope to be able to refine this further so that it may be available for all Zasilkovna users who want this working on the Nopcommerce platform.

Some features of the Zasilkovna Shipping Plugin for Nopcommerce

On one page checkout: Once a user selects the Zasilkovna shipping plugin and then also selects pickup store the process will check the users country from the api and fetch its rate from the new custom table and add this price to the product.

This plugin will work only for one page checkout.

API: http://www.zasilkovna.cz/api/v3/0472a793f7a8355e/branch.xml

Admin: Install Plugin and it will be visible on local plugin page.

Install Plugin

This plugin will work for multi store. For this you need to click on configure button and select store.

Configure button

Admin can set shipping rate by country.

Set Shipping rate

Frontend: The Zasilkovna plugin for nopcommerce will be visible on the onepage checkout page under shipping methods. Customers will need to enter the city or zip code.

Zasilkovna plugin

Example- If customer enters ‘16000/praha’ it will return list of near branches as in below screen.

Zasilkovna plugin

If a user wants to see a branch’s detail then he will need to click on the VIEW DETAIL button and a popup will display all information with regards to the selected branch. From here a user can click on any particular image and it will open in a next tab.

Zasilkovna plugin

Zasilkovna plugin

Zasilkovna plugin

Zasilkovna plugin

Also with the Zasilkovna plugin for nopcommerce while calculating the price according to weight the selected branch information in shipping under shipping address on order information and confirmation page.

Zasilkovna plugin

We hope this information on Zasilkovna plugin for nopcommerce has been useful to you. Please contact us for any further information in this respect.

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